So many of you have written me with your testimonials. There continue to be so many that it is not possible to post them all. So I have chosen just a few as representative of many of your comments. In addition, I have elected to remove the names of others you mention, and to also include only your initials, and in most cases your State or City. Even though you have given me permission to reprint what you wrote, I thought it best to remove any reference that might invade your privacy, or that of anyone else.

Sometimes it takes some courage to come and ask for advice from someone you have only just met, especially with a psychic who knows a great deal about you at first glance. Your testimonials will surely help others feel more comfortable choosing to have a first session with me.

Thank you all for your generous comments. I find great joy in the work I do, which has been amplified by your caring testimonials. It continues to be my great pleasure to be your spiritual consultant.

God Bless.
- Johanne Verville, Palm Springs, CA

I have had readings from Johanne many times in the last four years and she has always impressed me every time. The last time I had a session, I was due to embark on series of treatments for breast cancer. I was convinced I was going to die in a very short time. I asked Johanne to be honest with me (knowing that she does not like to talk about death) and she was. She said it wasn’t my time but that I would be pretty sick for the next six months and then would be in good health like a brand new person. I would have to go back into hospital three times within a few weeks but would come out fine. That’s all I needed to hear. Thanks to my sessions with Johanne I then spent the next six months going through my chemo and other treatments not at all worried about my “impending death”. Johanne had told me it wouldn’t happen and that was that as far as I was concerned. Johanne, I would just like to say thank you so much for your sessions. I’ve been cancer-free for the past two years now. You prove time and time again that there is life after death!
C. P., South Carolina
What can I say? What an amazing psychic. You were able to calm me down when I was most vulnerable. Johanne you knew about what was going on with my boyfriend. You were right on the mark. When you told me about his other love, I was hoping you were wrong at the time but now I realized you were right and what you did was preparing me for it. You gave me a fresh and positive perspective on life and the ability to manifest a new love. Thanks and may you continue to help those who need you.
Johanne, what an incredible experience it was to have a session with you. How can a person who knew nothing about me tell me the exact details of what was to happen in my life. I think you’re so wonderful doing what you do to help people. I needed someone to tell me the truth, and my direction in the future. I felt like you lifted a huge weight of me. Since our session, I have embarked on a new career, moved to a new state and met the love of my life (whom you’ve described very well). Thank you Johanne.
J.J. - Chicago
Johanne, I would just like to thank you so much for my in depth reading last week. You truly blew me out of the water. It was the first time for me to see a psychic and I was amazed at how accurate you were with names and information. To hear about my brother and details of his illness was truly amazing. You are very compassionate. Thank you so much for your kind words.
K. S. - Indian Wells, CA
I wanted to write something to Honor the wonderful experience I have had with Johanne Verville. As I listened to what she saw during my psychic reading I could not believe the things she was suggesting were to happen. A breakup, a change of job and location within sixty days etc. As things have progressed it turns out that she was dead on correct. I find myself in the middle of making the changes you were suggesting and checking my notes on our session repeatedly. So, I apologize for doubting you and now I know that only a truly gifted psychic could have seen this stuff coming. Thanks for the great gifts that you share. You are awesome.
G.M. – Los Angeles

Johanne, you were right on. At our session in June you told me that the man I was supposed to be with would honor me for the person I am. You also told me his first name and when he was going to come into my life. Well you were right, his name is … and we have been dating for the last six months. I cannot imagine my love life being better than this. I have gotten so much more from our session than what I paid for.
Thank you Johanne.

C.B. - Hawaii
I have been having Johanne do psychic readings for me for over ten years. She has helped me with a lot of my relationship and business issues. I usually want to know if I am on the right track and if I should proceed. Having psychic readings with Johanne has been time and money well spent for she has saved me money by telling me that certain people or certain business move were unwise at the time. She helped me avoid problems by telling me what was coming down the road. She has a special gift and always helps me see things more clearly. I always know what direction to go after speaking with her. Johanne has been enormously helpful. I strongly recommend her psychic services.
T.S. – New Mexico
Johanne’s psychic phone consultations were incredibly accurate and practical. I enjoyed every one of them, and I was amazed at how much information you were able to tell me. I have significant health issues and your advice helped me with emotional and practical issues. By the way, I am also using my Amber bracelet as a tool for self healing my stomach problem. It seems to ease the pain a lot. You are truly remarkable! You are my angel.
G.S. - Hawaii
You are an angel. Your sessions have provided me with spiritual tools that I’ve been using since. You’ve guided me into a good direction when I face major decisions. You told me things about myself and my life that no one knows because they are so personal to me. I’d recommend your service to anyone. You truly have a gift and thank you for sharing it with me.
L.J - Florida
I know some of the best professional psychics in the field and Johanne is definitely the clearest psychic I’ve met. With enormous compassion she supports those arenas that may have been difficult recently. She reveals the truth with kindness. She was just what I needed at such an important time in my life. I was about to loose everything but with one session she removed any lingering doubt and helped me to have tremendous faith in my actions. Johanne, you guided me in my next steps so that I could turn apparent adversity into success and happiness. I went home and created a new blueprint for my life and business, and immediately turned everything around. I feel lucky to have found you. You radiate peace and loving kindness, and we can feel this even over the phone. You really have a gift. Thank you for being in my life.
M.B. – Palm Springs
Johanne, you’re the most loving, spiritual reader I have ever been in contact with. Everything you said was dead on. You told me I would be starting a new business with a friend in August (this year) and it has happened. Last May my friend … asked me to join her in a new venture. Remembering my session, I became her partner. So far, no regrets. I’m working hard but I’m also very happy. Thank you.
A.F. - Texas
Thank you Johanne for your so accurate reading on your show. You gave beautiful vibrations on the radio show. It felt like having a conversation with a close friend. You have an amazing talent. I have always been a skeptic about anything supernatural, but you gave me reassurance about my future. You told me how to handle the situations currently facing me. Thanks a million for all the advice.
S.T. – Phoenix, AZ

Before leaving for Brussels and Amsterdam, in my session with you, you warned me about having some money stolen while in Europe. You said, “Don’t be trusting on the streets of Brussels. You could loose some cash there”. You were RIGHT, Johanne ! I did have some money stolen in Brussels. It was a scam either by police or those posing as police. I was very careful with my bag and wallet at all times, too, remembering what you told me. But suddenly I found myself answering to “police” who said they were just doing their job when they asked to see my identification which was in my wallet. They took my wallet and I watched them closely, too! They were in their nice uniform and had identification etc., also! But the next time I looked in my wallet the cash was gone. I came out lucky though, and thanks to your warning, I was careful to put my money in different places before going on tour that day. So they got the cash in my wallet, but that was all they got! Thank you again.

F.C. – Vancouver, Canada
Johanne has taught me that with the right tools, I can create whatever I need; abundance, better relationship, good health and peace of mind. I wish I had called her sooner. Thank you for the rose quartz you’ve given me. I don’t know if it’s the stone or just me but it seems to have helped me a lot. I thank God for you, and for leading me to you!
J.L. - Palm Desert, CA
Johanne, I just wanted you to know that I listen to you on the EZ 103.1FM, and that I still replay the tape messages of our two sessions. Every time I hear them the words are the same, but new insights come. The things you said have actually come about and were right on. You told me I would have a gift of some time in either a chalet up in the mountain, or by the ocean. Well, this past spring I was able to book a cabin in the mountains, and when I returned a friend of mine told me that when the credit card bill came in for the trip he would (and did) pay for it. But you said there would be 2 trips. So for the other one, my boss ended up not able to go on a trip he had already paid for, so he sent me all expenses paid to Mexico. And Johanne, just like you said, I did reconnect with an old classmate. I don’t know how far this will go yet but we’re still talking. Wow, what a year. THANK YOU. Your encouragement made me alert to the good things waiting for me.
M.M. - Palm Springs
Johanne, thank you so much for your reading on April 8th. I was amazed at how much you were able to see without even having to ask me anything about my situation. It was one of the best readings I have ever had. Our session reconfirmed that I needed to move on and find someone who could give me the relationship I was looking for. You gave me hope and something good to look forward to. I extend appreciation to you Johanne, for I can see and feel the benefits of that session now. …, whom I met one month after our session has filled my life with true love. We are now engaged and I’m looking forward to spending the rest of this journey with my soul mate. Thank you, thank you.
T.H. – Palm Springs